God's Prescription for Anxiety Part 1
Exercise Plan For Week 1
Sermon From May 3, 2020

Anxiety is all about what one imagines might happen.  It dwells in the world of “What ifs?” Take a minute to write down things you are anxious about, worries that are weighing you down.  Then ask yourself, Does God have control over these situations?  Is He able to solve this problem?  Do you need to worry about it?  Will that help?

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Now think about the promises from God. Each day read one of the following passages and consider what reasons it gives to rejoice in the Lord, and give peace to your troubled heart.  What prescription does each passage give for anxiety?

Read Psalm 56:1-4
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Read Matthew 6:25-34
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Read 1 Peter 5:6-8
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Read Psalm 91:1-4
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Picture yourself literally under the shadow of God’s wings always.

Read Psalm 3:1-3
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What influences in the world make you feel like it is futile to trust in the Lord to be in control of your life?  Know that those are lies and come to the place of David, seeing God as a shield around you.